Managing Oneself: What to Contribute? 強みと貢献

Successful careers are not the products of luck of planning;
they are built by people who are able to seize those opportunities
that match their own strengths.

  Now that you have identified your strengths and work style you can begin to look for the right opportunities. These are the assignments that will enable you to use your strength, match your work style, and fit within your personal value system. They are also the assignments that help you to make the right contribution. But you first have to decide what your contribution should be.
  Figuring out the right contribution helps you move from knowledge to action. What do you think you should contribute? In other words, how can you make a difference within your organization? Answering these questions help you to analyze opportunities in search for the right few. When such opportunities do come along, it’s best to accept them if they suit you and how you work. It requires you to think through the requirements of a specific situation, your greatest potential contribution, and the results that must be achieved. It is through such processes that successful careers are built. They are not the products of luck or planning; they are built by people who are able to seize those opportunities that match their own strengths, work styles, and values.

ACTION POINT: Seek the opportunities that allow you to apply your strengths and match your work style and values.

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