Managing Oneself: How Do I Perform? 強みと価値観

Performance that violates your values corrupts,
and it will ultimately sap and destroy your strengths.

  Just as different people have different strengths and weakness, they also work and perform in different ways. For example, some people learn by reading, others by listening. And few readers can become successful listeners or vice versa. Learning style is just one of several factors that go into making up a person’s work style. There are other questions that must be answered. Do you work best when cooperating with others, or do you achieve results when working alone? If you work best with others, is it usually as a subordinate, peer, or supervisor? Do you need a predictable, structured work environment? Do you thrive under pressure?
  You also have to consider your personal values: are they comparable to or at least compatible with your strengths? If there is any conflict between your values and strengths, always choose values. Performance that violates your values corrupts, and it will ultimately sap and destroy your strengths. These are just some of the questions that must be answered. What is important is to figure out your unique work style.

ACTION POINT: Think through your work style by answering the questions in this reading. Think through your values. Do not apply your strengths to a position that will destroy your values. Find a position that is compatible with your values.

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