Knowledge Worker as Effective Executive 個のニーズと社会のニーズ

The executive who works at making strengths productive – his own
as well as those of others – works at making organizational
performance compatible with personal achievement.

  Self-development of the executive toward effectiveness is the only available answer to satisfy both the objective needs of society for performance by the organization, and the needs of the person for achievement and fulfillment. It is the only way in which organization goals and individual needs can come together. Executives who work at making strengths productive – his own as well as those of others – work at making organizational performance compatible with personal achievement. They work at making their knowledge area become organizational opportunity. And by focusing on contribution, they make their own values become organization results.
  Knowledge workers demand economic rewards too. Their absence is a deterrent. But their presence is not enough. They need opportunity; they need achievement; they need fulfillment; they need values. Only by making themselves into effective executives can knowledge workers obtain these satisfactions. Only executive effectiveness can enable society to harmonize its two needs: the needs of the organization to obtain from the individual the contribution it needs, and the need of the individuals to have the organization serve as their tool for the accomplishment of their purposes.

ACTION POINT: Know your strengths. Apply them to areas in your organization where you can make a contribution. Make sure your values and the values of the organization are compatible.

The Effective Executive

Knowledge Worker as Effective Executive [毎日ドラッカー] The Daily Drucker: 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done Peter Ferdinand Drucker P.F.Drucker





個のニーズと社会のニーズ [毎日ドラッカー] ドラッカー 365の金言 ピーター・ドラッカー P.F.ドラッカー

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